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"Help others, find beauty, live poetically." -Michael James D'Amato


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The following are some of the recent reviews for this book...

"D'Amato conveys the transformative nature of traveling to a foreign country, especially at a time when xenophobia and ethnocentrism are exceedingly prevalent. Humorous anecdotes about living with an Italian family are interlaced with historical tidbits and insights about cultural traditions."
-Dr. Karie Mize, International and Multicultural Education, Western Oregon University

"Thoroughly entertaining, 'Roam Italy' incites readers and reminds seasoned travelers of the beauty of self-discovery found in those odd, unforgettable moments of complete cultural discombobulation that in the end make us more interesting people."
-Richard Weber, CEO of Tours, Trips, Treks, & Travel

"D'Amato has the soul of a poet."
-Phyllis Johnson, Tidewater Teacher Magazine

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